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Images of Grace and Technique

April 18, 2014  •  2 Comments

I was honored this week to do a fine art portrait session with a very talented ballerina, Madelyne Wang of Dayton Ballet. I have a long time love of dancing and i wanted to capture the grace and beauty of ballet. I'm impressed by the discipline and respect to small details of movement and posing. In a way it's very similar to photographic technique. I believe the details make the photo go from mediocre to stunning. Though i use Photoshop, i still believe the value of a photo lies in the details and traditional techniques. I cannot make a photo great with software. I can only enhance what it already there. Artistic trends will change but the core of photography is a very disciplined science. In school I was told we were "Lighting Technicians" I thought it would look awfully awkward on my resume but i now see the relevance of such a description. Creativity does not excuse sloppy technique in any art form. I had to learn to distinguish between fine art and creative experimentation. I recently spent my down time re-learning the techniques I was taught in high school and college. After years of ego based kicking and screaming, I have gone back to the basics to return to tradition. I've found clean portrait images to be timeless. Wall portraits and heirlooms. They will never go out of style. When doing a wedding i ask myself, "is this creative portrait of the bride going to hang over the mantle or is the shot of the entire family going to be there?" I know my choice on my wedding day and I'm leaving it the hands of a  talented and technically sound documentary photographer. This attitude is my new approach to creating portraits. Anyone can make a gorgeous photograph today. I have seen some very impressive phone selfies and been envious!!! My eye is not unique.  What can i do to convince a client to hire me? 

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Thank you Fellow Artist. I dont want to sound as if im belittling others. I never pointed my finger at anyone. My point was to share my personal experience. There is a time and a place for everything in this field. I want to sell timeless images that are technically well-done. I have no problem doing creative rule breaking images.I do and have done plenty. But not here. Im just finding success in tradition. Im trying to redefine my style. I strongly dislike sounding "pompous" and am disappointed that i have come across that way. Thank you for your feedback. It is very valuable and humbling to me.
Just a fellow artist...(non-registered)
First of all, this post sounds quite pompous. I love that you share your love for traditional techniques &  this style & imagery speaks well for it, however, I feel that this is a low jab to those who produce different styles than cookie cutter portraiture or what your opinion is "correct" & "sound". I do not consider art to be a "trend" as art is ever evolving. That is the point of art. I do not think ANYONE produces PERFECT imagery, even the most seasoned photographers have flaws. We, as artists, are ever evolving as well WITH our art. It is all timeless, even if it is a "fad" or a "trend" as you say to produce a more dreamy photo, a more vintage photo, or something completely over the top. All of which are perfectly acceptable forms of art, even if it may appear "sloppy". Again, the meaning of an artist. And sloppy technique becomes a well distributed technique with practice. It takes an amateur to become a professional.

If you feel your vision is not unique, perhaps your soul searching may have tread off course. When you conform into what they tell you an artist should be, that's when you're no longer unique. Some people do enjoy paintings or pieces of art that move them & tell a story. That's what I consider my photography...They're not pictures, they're not perfect, but my inspiration and my art comes from my heart not a textbook's opinion on what it should be.

Maybe belittling others wasn't the way to go on this one.... To compare what we do, or what photographers like myself who use post processing as a part of their storytelling to Instagram makes me a little queezy. Especially coming from someone who shares the same love of photography as I do. Just as you said, Photoshop doesn't make the photo, it enhances it but Instagram filters can't make a photo either. It's not equipment that makes the photo either. If they can produce something beautiful on Instagram, they can produce the same beauty on the best of the best full frame with a killer piece of glass with dreamy bokeh.

For me, it brings my story to life. Then again, I've never been one to follow the rules...Creativity is harder and harder to achieve since everything has just about been done before, but I've found when you stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, when you let your heart guide your passion, magic happens & you've created something no one else has. Being bitter & blowing out other peoples candles won't help yours shine brighter.

These photos are gorgeous by the way.
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