Business Head Shot Pricing:

Location Setup $150

Each Individual Executive $50

We want to control the way we look in photos. This is especially important in business where your headshot will shown on websites and in pubic relations media. You need a photo that shows you at your best. Our process allows you to be in control of how your finished images will look. By viewing photos as they are taken, subtle changes can be made in posing and expression until you get the best shot.  This is achieved by taking 3-4 photos, reviewing them with you, and then making adjustments. It is important to be honest with the photographer about how you think the photos look. Do you have something you want to focus on? A "good" side? Or do you have a perceived flaw that makes you feel insecure but no one else notices? An example would be that you feel you have a double chin or you want a slimmer face. If you make your concerns known, it can be very simple to correct imperfections in camera by changing the angle, composition and/ or lighting. After the session, you will be asked to select a favorite photo for retouching.   20210701_13323820210701_133238


Executive Group Photo: $150.00 per group

Some businesses want a portrait of the entire staff. This shot is most often done before the individual head shots. Things to consider for this photo are the number of persons, location and clothing. Do you have a large conference room or break room to assemble your group? Can you consider an outdoor location? What will everyone wear? Clothing does not have to match. It is only important that it harmonizes. For example, solid colors rather than prints or patterns. Dark earth tone colors keep the viewers attention on the subjects' faces. Keep in mind that our eyes are naturally drawn to the brightest area of the scene. Because of this, wearing white is not recommended unless everyone is wearing it. An example of this is the photo above. Notice the first thing you see is Sarah's white shirt. It dominates the photo and makes Sarah look bigger than she actually is. 

Digital Delivery

Within 3-7 business days your photos will be available. You will be sent a link to a private online gallery where you will be able to view, select and download all of your photos from the day's session.